It’s not all about Data Science!

I hear you. The Cortana Intelligence Suite (CIS) has an immense depth of technologies that can be used for many industries and business scenarios. So over the last few week I have been receiving feedback from partners and members of the community who have attended my sessions as to which technology they thought was the easiest entry point into the CIS. The overwhelming response was Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which represents one of the Big Data Stores that we have available in our technology suite.

I appreciate that my sample may have been biased given the industry demographics I reach out to. Anyway, rather than blog about it, I thought I would record some videos for you to watch to see how easy it is to get started with your own data warehouse.

Part one goes through an introduction to Azure SQL Data Warehouse, the concepts of Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) and the range of tools that you can use to interact with the Data Warehouse

Part two goes into depth on the importance of Table geometries and how they work with the MPP engine in Azure Data Warehouse.

Part three explores how you can load data into Azure Data Warehouse with a range of tools and demonstrating the use of PolyBase.

I hope you find these videos of use





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