LEX1: Azure SQL Data Warehouse. Add to your Big Data specialist skills


Whether you’ve outgrown your on-premises datacenter or need to extend a hybrid scenario, Azure SQL Data Warehouse can help. The great news is that, unlike data warehousing of the past, you can spin up this cloud-based massively parallel processing solution in just a few minutes. Push a button to view the contents in Power BI. You can even pause compute to help control costs. Get the details, in “Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud,” a self-paced course now available on edX.

Experts Chris Randall and Chris Testa-O’Neill dive deep into the specifics of this breakthrough technology. Learn how to deploy, design, and load data from a variety of sources. Plus, explore PolyBase for Big Data and look at compressed in-memory indexes. Design tables and indexes to efficiently distribute data in tables across many nodes, secure and recover data, and much more.

If you’re adding to your Big Data specialist skills, this course is a must. We’ve got lots of other Big Data courses, too. Look at Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel or with Power BI. Explore Querying Data with Transact-SQL. Or find out about Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics or with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight. You can even Orchestrate Big Data with Azure Data Factory. Finally, learn about Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R Server and Implementing Predictive Models with Spark in Azure HDInsight.

All of these Big Data concepts and technologies courses are free, or you can pay $49 for a verified certificate, which offers proof that you’ve successfully completed the online course and which you can share with friends, employers, and others. Spend a few hours each week (for four to six weeks, depending on the course) with these videos, demos, hands-on labs, and assessments. Plus, get additional resources and content for further study. Roll up your sleeves, and get started today!

Sign up now! (https://www.edx.org/course/delivering-data-warehouse-cloud-microsoft-dat220x)


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